Don’t be a Distraction to Yourself


We have all been there, lying on our yoga mat waiting for class to begin.

When ‘they’ walk in and place their mat beside yours.

As class begins you¬†notice that with every breath and after every posture ‘they’ groan and sigh.

You instantly become irritated. You tell yourself to focus on your own breath and practice.

Every movement made by your new yoga neighbour is heavy and loud, between every posture they reach for their water or wipe the sweat from their arms, legs and face.

You look to the teacher hoping desperately they have noticed and will remind the class to remain still and quiet between every posture.

But the Truth is – it isn’t ‘them’ that needs to still and quiet, it’s you!

When you get taken out of your own yoga practice by allowing external factors to influence your thoughts and mind chatter, you lose the connection between breath and posture. Which means those 90 minutes you spent on your mat was for nothing. What you got was a good stretch and what you missed was the amazing and true benefits of your practice. Allowing yourself to be preoccupied with thoughts will ruin your practice and mean you leave the class feeling dreadful. Sure, no doubt your noisy neighbour has a lot to work on to become present in their own yoga practice, but let that be their journey and focus on your own.

Here are some ideas to help…


When external distractions begin to take you out of your body, immediately focus back on your breath. It may be difficult at first, so with every inhale breath, think “inhale” and with every exhale breath, think “exhale”. Do this until you have come back to your centre.


Reconnect your body with your breath. As you go deeper in to a posture bring your attention to the sensations in your body – direct your breath to that area.

Breathe in to the stretch, with every exhale focus on taking your self deeper in to your posture, imagine your breath wrapping itself around your tendons and ligaments. As you exhale feel the release of your joints and your fascia become looser and more flexible. As you hold a strong pose, such as warrior II, begin to focus on your engaged muscles, ground yourself in to floor and be still with your breath.


Your mat is a reflection of your life. What ever is going on for you in your life will always show up on your mat. Following your class take some time to reflect on where else in your life you let yourself be distracted by external noise. Do you find you get irritated easily with other people? Do you have high expectations of others and how they should act? Do you look to blame others for your own issues? Do you self sabotage by allowing yourself to be influenced by external factors? Where else in your life are you not present? Whatever, it may be, try to acknowledge it, smile and let it go. Remember, we are all on a journey, we are all human and we are all showing up in life and doing the best we can in each moment.

Enjoy your Practice Today.

Here is to a Fit Sexy You .